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#MoshavMusicMonday brings you an early favorite “If Someone Falls In Love With Me” from Moshav’s first album, “The Things You Can’t Afford”. As Yehuda and Duvid harmonize, “If someone falls in love with me, please let me know about it”, the listener gets chills and sings along hoping for the same. This sweet song is now available as a Free or name your price mp3 (for a very limited time) @ https://moshav.bandcamp.com/track/if-someone-falls-in-love


** The full album is available now for $5.99 @ https://moshav.bandcamp.com/album/the-things-you-cant-afford

*** Catch Moshav live with @AlexanderClare and @Zushamusicthe 3rd Avenue J Festival this January 24th at TheBarnacle, Coconut Grove in Miami, FL and in PuertoRico this Pesach! Info at http://moshavband.com