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MOSHAV-INDIEGOGOThis just in! Moshav sings to your girl or boyfriend, sends you a personal video of it and a deluxe copy of ‘New Sun Rising’! All this and way more, including a private show in your living room! Find out more at http://moshavband.com/gogo


moshav2chicHead over to PopZine to find out how you could get Chicki Boom and get ready for our next music video coming soon!


Unity-Purim-Moshav-at-Mint-FlyerParty with us this Saturday night in Los Angeles for Purim at The Mint! We will perform some of your favorite songs as well as songs off our forthcoming album, “New Sun Rising!”

Get your tickets now!

MSlide2Catch us Live in New York tomorrow at the Carlebach Shull, followed by our show in Philly at World Cafe Live the next night and then back to NY at Brooklyn College on Thursday!
All ticket and show info could be found on our tour page.
If you haven’t checked out our Indiegogo campaign, watch it and be a part of it, here.

- much love, Moshav

Dear Family & Friends! We have just launched our Indiegogo campaign and need your help to release our best album yet! The “New Sun Rising” will feature new songs and acoustic versions plus remixes and of course new breathtaking and meaningful music videos! We want you to be a part of it, we want you to hear us on the radio, we want you all to be involved in our next videos. We have awesome prizes too! We will sing for you, we will play in your living room, we will clean your kitchen, we will sing a personalized voicemail for you and your friends and of course you get to receive copies of the deluxe album you helped make!

Please go to http://igg.me/at/moshav/x/6264816 and give whatever you could or help spread the word by sharing the link and encouraging others to be a part of the Moshav!
With Love, Yehuda & Duvid (Moshav)

Jewlicious v6 5x7in cmykCome party with us on the Queen Mary as we perform songs off our upcoming album, “New Sun Rising” on March 1st in Long Beach, Ca. Our good friend Matisyahu will join us for an incredible night!
Get your tickets now! http://jewliciousfestival.com

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.10.33 AMDon’t miss our Moshav Live Interview today at 3pm CST/ 1PM PST on Way Too Indie!
Come hang out with us and ask us any questions you would like live on air with our host!

Tune in at 3pm at the following link: http://bit.ly/1bgn8mR

You could ask us questions on that page, or of course tweet us at @MoshavBand or even by posting questions to our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/moshavband

See you then!

moshav on cameoOur single “World on Fire” was featured on Cameo last month. For those unfamiliar, Cameo is a mini movie making app on your iphone and was named one of the top apps of 2013 and received over a million downloads in the last couple months. This week we are their featured artists, check out the feature and interview, here.

Remember to download the app, make a short film and select our song as the soundtrack.
check it: http://d.pr/rmea & http://cameo.tv

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.59.18 PMIn case you haven’t seen our “World on Fire” music video with Matisyahu yet, check it out on Artist Direct.